Cancer: How To Cope With Sadness

By | January 1, 2015

Find out what you can do to help you overcome sadness when you have cancer.

It is normal to feel sad after you are diagnosed with cancer. It may be sad that you have lost your health and the ability to do some things you love. Maybe future uncertainty will make you more annoyed.

It can always be there. Or sadness can come and go, depending on what else happens in your life.

cancer How To Cope With Sadness

People often say that depression is not sad. But sadness is different from depression. Tension is a natural part of any loss, pain, change or disappointment.

The pressure becomes positive

You may feel that you should try to hide your sadness and be positive to make it easier for those around you. Friends and family members may find it difficult to overcome your sorrow for your illness.

But remember that the most important thing right now is how you feel. Pretending that you are good all the time takes energy and is struggling. It also creates a distance between you and those close to you. If everyone looks too hard to act as if it’s okay, they cannot express their feelings.

Showing your sadness may be very hard for your children or grandchildren. It is not easy to decide what to say to them, especially if they are very young. But it’s good to explain why someone near them feels sick or sad.

Want to be left alone

There may be times during your illness when you want to be left alone to overcome your feelings. It can be difficult for family and friends who do not understand how you feel and want to share this difficult time with you.

You can make it simpler by telling them:

  • Appreciate their support, but you need some time for yourself
  • You do not want to talk about your illness right now
  • It will talk when you feel like talking more
  • That you still care about them even if you do not want to talk to them now
  • Talk about your sadness

You may be surprised that other people are happy to support you and listen to you once you know how sad your feelings are. People can only support it by letting you down, letting them cry when you feel, and not trying to change your feelings.

This can help you talk to a consultant if you want to share feelings with someone but you feel you cannot talk to your friends and family.

If your sadness won’t go away

If you have sadness that does not go away for more than two weeks and you find it difficult to feel comfortable with everything, then you may experience depression.

It is important to recognize the difference between normal levels of sadness and clinical depression. But it’s hard when you have center.

Other people close to you can recognize signs of depression before doing so. If someone close to you is worried about stress, it is advisable to listen and have a professional opinion.

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