My name is Mary Stilt, I’m, in short, a resident of Sydney. I’m the mother of two amazing boys, Jan and Peter. I believe that I’m a really educated midwives, but full time blogs and publish my first book in autumn – and then I’ve been fighting for coffee and self-mix candy.

Here’s my story, as I hope you’ll spend a few minutes reading:

It was quite sensational when, at the age of 22, I became the youngest midwife after being told that I should work twice as hard as everyone else. Everything went fast, I met my husband, got a kid and bum, then I quit my job. I pulled my little family with me from Toronto to Chicago, for 2.5 years and another child later, to be ready to return, like a new woman, in a new job. No longer as a midwife, but as award winning blogger, passionate parts of life, amateur photographer, commentator, moderator and mother.